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Organized by:
Missouri University of
Science & Technology

Systems Engineering Graduate Program
Smart Engineering Systems Laboratory
600 W. 14th St.
Rolla, MO 65409-0370
Phone: 573-341-6576
Email: complexsystems@mst.edu

Author Instructions    


For Abstract Submission Instructions, click here.

Final "Camera Ready" Paper Deadline: July 17, 2017


2017 Paper Template

Important Notes Regarding Paper Template:

1.  Custom Format: To avoid delays in processing, please do not edit the template’s format.

  • Paper Size: 7.56 ” x 10.32“ (You may receive a warning in the EDAS system stating only (8.5” x 11”) paper size is accepted, please ignore this warning.
  • Margins: Top: 0.63”, Bottom: 0.87” Inside: 0.51”, Outside: 0.55”
  • Layout: Header: 0.63”, Footer: 0.87”

2.  Header Text: Please replace “Author name” with the corresponding author’s last name in the paper template’s second and third page headers.  *Note: headers are different on every other page so the second and third page must both be updated in order to update all subsequent headers.

3.  Page Numbers
: Please do not include individual page numbers to your paper.

    4.  Copyright Lines: Two copyright lines appear on the first page of the template (one in the abstract section and one as a footer).  These are a requirement by Elsevier and may not be removed.

      5.  Word Files: Due to changes in Elsevier’s online indexing processes, papers are now required to be submitted in doc or docx format. PDFs will not be accepted.

      Page Limit:  Papers should be 8 pages.  Authors can purchase up to 2 additional pages for $30.00 per page (charges added to conference registration).  No paper shall exceed 10 total pages!

      Papers will be peer reviewed and accepted papers will be included in the proceedings.  The proceedings will be available for each attendee online at http://www.sciencedirect.com  after the conference.  You may also purchase a printed copy of the Proceedings for $65.00.  The order must be received before September 15, 2017.

      Upload Paper (for abstracts already registered):

      Please login at http://edas.info/23381.

      1. Click "My...." tab at the top of the page.  
      2. Select "My Papers" from the drop down menu.
      3. Click the Title of the paper you wish to submit
      4. Before uploading your file, please make any necessary corrections to your paper information in EDAS (ex. Paper Title, Abstract, Additional Authors).
      5. Next to the "Review Manusript" Property, click the upload icon.
      6. Browse for the correct file name and upload your paper.  We will ONLY ACCEPT papers saved in a .DOC or .DOCX FORMAT.

      Accepted final papers will be submitted to Elsevier for publication by the end of August. Elsevier will issue a copyright form after all final papers are received, and authors may start receiving copyright forms in September.

      Abstract Submission Instructions

      There are 4 basic steps to submitting your abstracts:

      1. Abstract Preparation: Prepare the Abstract content
      2. Author Registration:  Register a “lead author” with EDAS at http://www.edas.info
      3. Change Password Credentials in EDAS
      4. Abstract Submission: Submit abstract at http://edas.info/N23381. This is a unique site with EDAS that is for the Complex Adaptive Systems 2017 Conference
        • Choose paper track
        • Provide paper title and content of abstract
        • Select topic for which your paper corresponds
        • Submit
        • Add authors

      Step 1: Abstract Preparation
      A short abstract (200 words maximum) should open the paper. The purposes of an abstract are:

      1. to give a clear indication of the objective, scope, and results of the paper so that readers may determine whether the full text will be of particular interest to them;
      2. to provide key words and phrases for indexing, abstracting, and retrieval purposes.

      The abstract should not attempt to condense the whole subject matter into a few words for quick reading.

      Step 2: Author Registration 
      Submission of abtracts/papers are conducted online utilizing EDAS Conference Services. All authors should have an account with EDAS so that your paper is associated to you and you will receive decision notifications. Use an email address that is frequently monitored- All notifications, alerts and updates regarding your paper will be sent to this address.

      http://edas.info - use this link to create an account with EDAS

      (Unsure if you have an account? You may enter your email address and ask the system to reset password. If your address is found, system will send an email with new temporary password - you may retain or change to one easier for you to remember. If your address is not found, system will display an error and you wshould return to home page and create an account.)

      **Your e-mail/password combination MUST be used for future access to system and to upload documents (abstract, review manuscript and final paper). Be careful to keep this information in a safe place.

      Step 4: Abstract Submission
      Please login at http://edas.info/N23381 and follow the steps below:

      1. Select the track for your paper (i.e., Data Science and Analytics, Cyber Physical Systems, etc.).
      2. Type in the title of the paper, keywords and abstract in the appropriate fields. Then select the topic area your paper falls under.
      3. Click the Submit button.
      4. You should see a large green check mark and a statement that the paper was registered. Add primary paper author and then click on the paper number link.
      5. Next to the "Authors" Property, click the add icon to add other authors.


      Problems in preparing and submitting your abstract or full paper? Further Information?

      Contact the Complex Adaptive Systems 2017 Administrator:
      Beth Reardon (complexsystems@mst.edu)
      Missouri S&T