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Conquering Complexity:
Challenges and Opportunities
November 3-5, 2014   |   Philadelphia, PA

Multi-faceted systems of the future will entail complex logic and reasoning with many levels of reasoning in intricate arrangement.  The organization of these systems involves a web of connections and demonstrates self-driven adaptability.  They are designed for autonomy and may exhibit emergent behavior that can be visualized.  Our quest continues to handle complexities, design and operation of these systems.  An example of such systems would be neuromorphic machine technology that scales to biological level computation like “Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics” SyNAPSE program of DARPA, as well as Deep Learning algorithms that can provide adaptive behavior to these systems of large-scale distributed networks through leveraging big data. 

Session Topics


System of Systems
Socio-technical Systems
Systems Modeling and Design
Computational Complexity
Systems Behavior Modeling
Multi-Scale Modeling
Emergent System Behavior
Resilience and Self Organization
Service Systems
Distributed Systems
Complex Analytics
Cyber Physical Systems
Cyber System Design
Cyber Security
Cyber Security Analytics
Cyber Fractology
(Metadata integrity and analysis, semantic gateway protected digital safe zones)

Emerging Technologies
and Complexity
Quantum Biology
Neural Linguistics
Heliospheric Engineering

Data Science and Analytics
Clustering and Classification
Knowledge Extraction
Knowledge Discovery
Healthcare Analytics and
   Data Integration
Symbolic and Fuzzy Data Analysis
Autonomous Decision Making
Data Intensive Computing
Intelligent Cloud Computing
Data Archeology
Database Centric Architecture
Business and Financial Analytics
(Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Financial Modeling, Data Visualization)

Intelligent and
Adaptive Systems

Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Swarm Intelligence
Computational Learning
Social Media Analytics
Self-Healing Systems Algorithms   




      Conference Director

       Dr. Cihan H. Dagli,  Ph.D.
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