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Engineering Cyber Physical Systems:
Machine Learning, Data Analytics
and Smart Systems Architecting

November 2-4, 2015  |   San Jose, CA

Abstracts and Full Paper Submissions will be accpted until June 1, 2015

Multi-faceted systems of the future will entail complex logic with many levels of reasoning in intricate arrangement.  The organization of these systems involves a web of connections and demonstrates self-driven adaptability.  They are designed for autonomy and may exhibit emergent behavior that can be visualized. There is need to develop theory, methods, and tools that will allow engineers to manage the increasing complexity in the design and operations of these systems. Our quest continues to involve handling complexities of future smart cities, smart countries, and the internet of things. Researchers from academia, industry, and government will meet in San Jose, CA in November, 2015, to share their findings and expand the boundaries of research in the following topic areas:



      Conference Director

       Dr. Cihan H. Dagli,  Ph.D.
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